Sunday, January 24, 2010


As you may have noticed...or not since no one is reading this, my last blog was a bit short. Well, I wrote a full post for last weeks photo and my computer shut off, erasing my blog. I hate starting over so I left it at that! I'll pretty much reiterate the photoshop technique I use most in this post since it was destroyed last week. It has been a month since I began this 52 weeks project and so far I'm loving it. I'm even considering doing a 365 next year. So this week I took a photo from my fantastic weekend in Denver with Meghan. We spent all day down there, eating at Pappadeaux's, hanging out at 16th street mall where we ate crepes and shopped at American Apparel, and of course went to REI not once, but twice. The photo was taken in a Lodo fine foods store. For those who don't know, Lodo stands for lower downtown and is a block or two from 16th street. If you're in Denver I'd suggest visiting this part of town, especially for the food. Well as you can see, the photo is of some raspberry preserve jars. I opened the image in PS Elements 7 where I duplicated the layer twice. From there I converted both of those layers to black and white, one lighter than the original and one darker. After that step I selected overlay from the layers palette, then adjusted the opacity to my liking. This creates sort of an HDR image that has more depth and brings out much more detail. I then flattened the image and added bars to the top and bottom by increasing the canvas size. Sometimes I adjust color curves and highlights after the HDR technique but I didn't do that for this particular image. Well, that raps up January! February will be much more interesting with new extension tubes, a 35mm Holga conversion kit and a fisheye lens for my Holga!

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