Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Gear - Nikon D7000

I started taking pictures in the summer of 2007 and have taken tens of thousands of photos since then.  I have studied every aspect of photography and am still learning to this day.  Traveling around with my trusty Nikon D40X has been a lot of fun and quite the experience learning so much about photography, including the base knowledge(aperture, shutter speed, ISO, rule-of-thirds, etc.), and the digital photography side.  But it is about time for me to move on and get a camera that can help me expand my knowledge even more which is why I chose the Nikon D7000 as my replacement. :)

I have been in the market for a new camera for quite some time now.  I considered the D90, then the D300s, then the D90 again, and so on.  I loved the affordability and quality of the D90.  But I also loved the professionalism of the D300s.  I heard in forums across the internet that the D90 was coming to its end, a successor was soon to follow.  I decided to start saving and wait for this new camera that was sure to shock the digital photography world.  Soon enough, a name and specs started to pop up on sites like nikonrumors.com.  Below are some of the specifications that interested me and are now confirmed, as the camera has been released.  After waiting for so long to get a camera I finally laid down some birthday money and a few hard earned bucks for my new Nikon D7000...that I'll receive in a month :/.  While I wait I thought I'd blog a bit and start taking more pictures than I have been recently.  Some of the photos I have taken in the past couple of weeks can be seen on my girlfriend's blog...and my flickr stream.

 In addition to the sweet camera, I bought two new Sandisk SDHC cards that are 8GB each, write at speeds up to 30mb/s, and are class 10 which is currently the highest class.  With my Nikon I was using a couple 2GB, class 2's.  I know this won't make me a better photographer but with the boost in frames per second my cards will be able to keep up.

Below I have posted a few links to see what the D7000 looks like and what can be done with it.
Below that I listed some of my favorite changes in it, up from my D40x.

Pictures taken with it

Pictures of it


Biggest changes for me will going from 10 to 16MP
-3 AF points to 39
-no video to 1080p hd video
-2 sd card slots(I think it's the first to have this which is sweet cause most now come with a CF and a SD slot...so I don't have to buy a cf and card reader.
-IT FOCUSES WITH MY 50mm 1.8!!!
-1/8000 shutter speed :)
-3 inch screen
-1050 shots per battery
-Magnesium alloy and weather proofed unlike my plastic and sand attracting d40.

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