Thursday, February 11, 2010


So Meghan and I went to Denver last weekend to shop, eat good food, and hang out with her brother. It started off slow and we were being very indecisive in selecting a restaurant. We finally chose the Great Northern Tavern which was surprisingly...well...GREAT. If you're in the Denver area you should definitely try it out. After that we went to Chris' house and started playing monopoly which none of us had done in about a two years. Of course I had to bring out the camera and start shooting pics of the board but grew bored(rhyme not intended) rather quickly. I started taking pictures of Chris and Meghan in the awful incandescent light(easily fixed by lightroom) and this is what I came up with!

Its kind of a cop out for the week but its busy here at school. 3 tests in a row after a paper was due and one more test next week! Oh well, next week should be better after my posting of that valentine's photo I promised. I'm thinking I'll take my camera in the business building so I have some material for my website that I will also be starting soon. I'm extremely excited to go to Crested Butte over spring break so I can get some landscapes and then soon after I'll be heading to Arizona so hopefully I can get some photos of those famous sunsets. Well, one more test to study for!


  1. i kicked yo butt :-) both of your butts (christopher's AND yours that is) haha, you took some awesome pictures that night, this is definitely one!

  2. p.s. i can't wait for Arizona either!!